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We connect you with the Icons and the hidden treasures. Can we help with? –

  • Tour of the Opera House? Absolutely! And we can get you on the Behind the Scenes Tour where you stand on the stage. 

  • See little penguins waddle up on the beach at sunset? For sure! And we can help you experience them so close you’ll hear them chattering to each other.

  • Connecting you to the Aboriginal Culture, you bet! And we can arrange for you to stay in an immersion program with the indigenous people.

  • Want to experience the Great Barrier Reef? And by experience we mean to get seen from the air, boat, and in the water plus overnighting on an island or a vessel. Truly experiencing this natural wonder.

  • Make your dream trip come true? Have no doubt. We work with you to enhance your travels to journey of a lifetime.

The perfect country for scenery, adrenaline and culinary enthusiast. New Zealand has is a microcosm of the World. Experience Rolling hills of the British Isles, the Southern Alpine areas, Glacier that rival those in Alaska, thermal geysers including active volcanos, lush forest plus sandy beaches where you can dig your own hot tub, NZ backdrop is diverse and pleasing to the senses.​


For the adventuresome why not try bungee jumping in the land where it was invented. Or how about human hamster ball, aka the Zorb? Parasailing, Abseiling, blackwater cave rafting, jet boating… the thrills are non-stop in New Zealand.


Seafood lovers take note, the land of the Long White Cloud is your paradise found, especially when combined with a local award-winning wine. Lamb is best in the world. In NZ, you will have to search for a bad meal and probably not find it. 

New Zealand


Everyone that experiences Africa has reconnected with a piece of their soul. Watching animals in the wild will awaken you to how we all interact and are part of this planet. Safari at sunrise you may see a lioness with her cubs, a cheetah hanging out in a tree, or a herd of elephants parading down to the watering hole. You feel part of the land.  And Africa offers indigenous cultural experiences for example with the Masai Tribes. Explore modern history by visiting the community where Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela were neighbors. Then perhaps a day of wine tasting. Africa offers many facets to our travelers.


The ancient collides with the modern – that’s Asia.   Wander the 5 story high Singapore Gardens with full on waterfalls and millions of plants.  How about a cruise down the Yangtze to experience the Xian Warriors?   Ever dreamed of helping at an elephant orphanage? We can help make this happen for you.   Yes, Asian is known for shopping and value, and yet it is so much more: beautiful scenery, ancient cultures, culinary delights, and new friends waiting to meet you.

South Pacific Islands

When it’s time to unplug, it’s time to visit the Islands of the South Pacific.  Inviting teal blue waters and soft white sands coupled with brilliant corals and salt water fish can lower if not eliminate your stresses. Sunshine brings out the sincere smiles and pleasant exchanges with the locals.  We can combine an island visit with your visit to Australia and New Zealand or make it a full on vacation getaway.


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