We Plan Your Dream Trip to the Land of the Dream Time.

We are a focused travel agency providing insights and services to the make certain you reach your travel goals to Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific Islands and Africa/Asia.

Go walkabout with an Aboriginal Elder,

experience life in

an authentic NZ village,

Journeys that connect

you with Icons and

hidden treasures


Experience the

Great Barrier Reef, Swim

with sea lions, whale sharks, and whales, snorkel with the leafy sea dragons.

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                    PLACES TO EXPLORE             

A performance at the Sydney Opera House,  Climbing Harbour Bridge at Twilight, having a kangaroo nibble a treat from your palm,  cuddling up to a koala, watching as fairy penguins waddle by you at eye level – these are only some of the amazing adventures waiting for you in Australia. City, country, outback, beaches modern comforts and ancient stories we know how to weave these and much more together for that dream trip.


This is where a piece of your soul will reconnect with you.  See wildlife as it was meant to be experienced - in the wild.  Visit with the indigenous people that still live off the land,  taste local wine in world-class settings, honor the recent past by strolling through historic neighborhoods where Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandala were neighbors, And do so much more.



Whether you are a scenery or an adrenaline junky or somewhere in between, New Zealand is exactly right for you. In the Land of the Long White Cloud, every turn you are drenched in stunning scenery. It is the land of active volcanos, breathtaking hikes, magnificent waterfalls and landscapes that run from serene to majestic. For the adventurous try bungee jumping in the land of its birthplace, swim with dolphins, thrill to the excitement of a jet boat 360 spin, if it can get your pulse racing chances are you can do it in NZ.


Extremes that live in harmony together.  The skyscrapers and the junks in Hong Kong, experience the ancient ways of Singapore one moment, then visit the largest indoor gardens worldwide.  Float on the Yangtze River to see the Terra Cotta soldiers.  Asia always excites.


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